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are u in love with me? no?? *slides u a chocolate pudding* how about now?

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when i die i want that cool thing done where they take your ashes and pressurise them enough to turn them into a precious gem. i then want that gem forged into a swords hilt so my heir can avenge me because im not dying unless im killed i can assure you

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i like boys in theory and then one gets too close to me adn im like nah

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but imagine if we had tiny little dragons

the size of puppies

and they would go wherever we went sitting on our shoulders and hissing at everyone who tried to touch you because you’re their most special thing in the universe and they are so tiny it’s ridiculously cute

the fact that this post has more notes than i ever expected makes me really glad 

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what if instead of gender we all had pokemon types

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The real difference between Gryffindor and Slytherin


Gryffindor : Mate, I would die for you

Slytherin : I will kill for you, bro. Just give me the word, the bitch is dead

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  • YOLO:you only live online
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    My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard. GRAVEyard hahaha enjoy that cyanide milkshake you piece of shit

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    I have read my OTP fall in love a thousand times, and I shall read my OTP fall in love a thousand times more
    - Me (via anihanki)